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How it came about

LGS Asesores & Consultores

If you want different results, you have to try different approaches

Following a long professional background advising businesses, I realized that all the companies dedicated to advising and consulting were doing the same things.

After doing different courses I was trying to offer a solution directly to the entrepreneur or working with legal and business advisory offices.

Then the sentence arrived. How we can get different results if we are always doing the same things over and over again? Facing a crisis is the best blessing thing because the human rises above the limitations of its condition through an evolutionary leap.

The real crisis is the competency´s crisis. The people´s problem is the laziness to find solutions. Without crisis there are no challenges and life becomes a routine. During the crisis, it is challenging to try different approaches to the problems in our life. Without crisis there are no achievements. Without crisis all wind is caress. Let us end once for all, the only crisis: that is it´s not wanting to overcome it.

- Albert Einstein

It was when was born LGS Asesores & Consultores, a company dedicated on cost reduction, date protection.

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